I am using the terminal from last few years first it was on Linux now on macOS but without playing much with colors, themes, or plugins. It has always been simple like my background color will be black or white and a similar arrangement for text color.

It was not like I don’t want more features like autocomplete, better fonts or better colors but I never gave much attention to updating my terminal with the better tools. I daily use Git so I always wanted some tool which will indicate few details related to the current repository like I have some changes pending to commit or a number of commits which I have not pushed yet. We see this details through git status but every time I have to type the command to get the details in the terminal. Now that’s not the case.

This is my current terminal view :rocket:

terminal with solarized color scheme With Solarised-Dark color scheme.

terminal with Tango-Dark color scheme With Tango-Dark color scheme.

This is some information related to my current terminal setup:

You can add more plugins according to your use.😃