Mukesh Thawani Software Engineer

How to automate Code Reviews on Github

It is hard for developers to remember every guideline while making a pull request. It is even more difficult for reviewers to ensure that every line of code is compliant to the set guidelines. We faced the same problem with our projects and solved it by automating the major part of the manual rote work.

Understanding Word Embeddings

Understanding how different words are related based on the context they are used is an easy task for us humans. If we take an example of articles then we read a lot of articles related to different topics.

Using Swift Code in an Objective-C Framework

I decided that I will use Swift for any new feature that I am going to add. So, the question is, How to use Swift code in an Objective-C framework?

How to debug the SIGABRT error

libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

How to Reset all iOS Simulators

When you run the app on simulator, it stores your app data and if you want to delete that data then you have to delete the app

Rebase and few other git commands

This post is for listing some useful git commands other than what we commonly use.

My Current Terminal

I am using the terminal from last few years first it was on Linux now on macOS but without playing much with colors, themes, or plugins.

TriLabelView - A triangle shaped corner label view for iOS written in Swift.

You can use this view when you specifically want to show any item which is different or it has some different property

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, welcome to my blog. Finally, I started a blog. 😎

I want to write about my experiences and things I do, not restricted to but mostly related to computer science. Let’s see where it goes.